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How to Use Coupon Code


1) Select login / Register 


1) Login your account with email & password
2) if you are new customer, register your new account with few simple steps


1) Go to initial Featured Roommate page & select the product you need purchase.
2) Select the quantity / size / services and ADD TO CART, your selected item will showed on SHOPPING CART at the top right corner.


1) Click the SHOPPING CART, and select the VIEW CART button at the pop out info box.


1) Enter your "Coupon Code" in the blank column (use coupon code )
2) Exp: "TeeBreak20", the Coupon code exclusive given by TeeBreak clothing - our Featured Roommate.
3) Click APPLY COUPON button. 

STEP 6 & 7

1) Congratulation, you got your big offer price now!

Coupon Code Terms & Conditions
1) The Coupon Code is issue by initial Featured Roommate / Brand, which means "A" Coupon Code only apply to "A "brand product(s).
2) 1 Coupon Code may apply to many products in the same Brand / Featured Roommate
3) Big offer product(s) / Service are subject to change without notice.
4) Coupon Code are subject to change without notice by initial Featured Roommate / Brand.
5) Only 1 coupon code can be use in 1 order. (Same Featured roommates product only)
6) Coupon Code is not cash.