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Cherly Lee 李欣怡

Cherly Lee 李欣怡

A TV host and Radio DJ / Lyricist and A Singer/An Actress & A Writer
She started her career with hosting 8TV high profile reality show 《Ultimate Super Star》, she was highly accepted and began her TV personality life. She’s the main host of 《8TV 8 STYLE》which broadcast on every Sunday 1PM-2PM since years ago. Also, she is recently a famous radio DJ on 988FM, air on every Mon-Fri morning session 1000-1300. She is a lyricist and also a singer (Composer artiste), her lyrics 《Light & Shadow》won her  “Golden Television Award” and while 《Grey》won the Best Drama Theme Song in “2012 PWHWH Award”. 2013, She has released a EP 《The Impressoul》working together with a local well known male singer song writer Wu Jia-Hui. She appears in local and Singapore movie to gain experience as an actress, and she is a columnist for press and magazine for years, she released 2 books and both become one of the best seller at the time. 

她是电视电台主持人/ 填词人,也是歌手她是一名演员,也是一名作家
李欣怡是一名电台DJ,电视主持人。一出道就被8TV委以重任,为年度重头选秀节目《绝对Super Star》担任女主持,一鸣惊人。之后陆续在许多电视节目担任主持,包括《时代达人》,《心悬意马》,《夏娃记事本》等等。她同时也是一名專業的电台DJ,曾经主持过的节目有《欣怡新鲜事》,《K欣打横行》以及目前早上十點的《随十奉陪》,其中的”给某某的一封信”单元更是大受欢迎。李欣怡填词的作品曾被海内外歌手所选用,其中有李佳薇、伍家輝、張棟樑等,2013年跟伍家輝搭档以歌手身份推出<The Impressoul> 合作专辑。除此之外,她为电视剧谱写的《光影》也夺下“金视奖”最佳主题曲,也凭《灰》勇夺“2012娱协奖”最佳电视主题曲。 李欣怡曾在电影《幸福万岁》、《茨厂街女王》里有精湛演出。并曾推出兩本書籍《欣想事成》、《活该》,獲得很好的銷量以及被認同為才女作家藝人,主持、演唱、演藝、寫作樣樣通,同时她的专栏文字亦在各大报章杂志中訂時出现,與讀者保持交流。

Company | Super Fun Entertainment
Country | Malaysia

- Here And after 现在...已经是以后了 (2015)

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Cheryl Lee 李欣怡 | Here And After 現在已經是以後了 Cheryl Lee 李欣怡 | Here And After 現在已經是以後了
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