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Eunice Hoo 何沛璇

Eunice Hoo 何沛璇

Eunice Hoo 何沛璇, Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I turned 19 in May of 2014. Due to my dad’s work, my whole family had to relocate to Jakarta, Indonesia, so I had to transfer out from a Chinese primary school to an unfamiliar English-speaking environment in an international school. That was also the time when I got exposed to performing arts and America’s entertainment. At the age of 12, I had a chance to perform at a televised Christmas special program where I had the role of a back-up singer. That was a huge turning point in my life, because it was then and there, I decided I want to pursue a career as a performer . In 2009, my whole family moved back to Malaysia and I started to take singing, acting, dancing lessons and slowly take part in any competitions I can find. At the same time, I also started fiddling around with songwriting using my dad’s old guitar. In 2011, I had my very first huge performance in Malaysia Music Festival, I was even fortunate enough to sing a duet with Yuna

The next year, I turned 17. I’ve set a target for myself that I’d enter college that year and hopefully in America. It almost didn’t happen but after much persuasion, my parents made that dream come true. With so much support from my family, I was determined not to let them down. Besides maintaining my dean’s list position every quarter, I was very much involved in school activities as well. Before leaving off to America, there was actually a highlight that my family and I have kept within ourselves. Shila Amzah’s manager, Mr. Ong Peng Chu actually came across one of my YouTube videos and approached my dad saying that I’ve got potential. I was excited with his feedback

Summer of 2013, I came home expecting nothing but my parents surprised me with a late birthday present -- professionally recording the original songs that I’ve written over the years. With no experience or knowledge of where and how recording works, my dad contacted Mr. Ong for advice. We all met up for a meal and Mr. Ong introduced me to Mr. Tan Boon Huat, who is the producer for my album.

Eunice Hoo 何沛璇,1995年5月15日出生於馬來西亞,在吉隆坡接受三年的華小教育。由於父親經商的缘故,Eunice隨後移居印尼雅加達,並入讀了國際學校,因此深受西方文化影響,尤其是美國的表演文化。自從參與了一埸聖誕節的電視節目演出之後,Eunice發現自己愛上了歌舞和戲劇,並確立了想要為之努力的夢想。那一年,她詞曲創作了第一首歌上傳至YouTube,從此她和這個平台結下不解之緣。當時的她只有十二歳。2009年,Eunice全家遷回馬來西亞。除了學校課業,她更側重音樂的熏陶,所以她花了大部分的精力在一間音樂學院接受歌唱、舞蹈與作曲等培訓。同时自學吉他、鋼琴等樂器。

2011年,在一項全馬大型的歌唱比賽《Malaysia Music Festival》中,Eunice自彈自唱自己的原創英語歌曲,成功受到注目,從而有機會與曹格、品冠、張智成、方炯繽等本地歌手同台演出,當晚她很榮幸能和心儀的本地著名馬來女歌手Yuna合唱。由於兩人同屬創作才女,引起大家的關注,紛紛詢問:“ Eunice Who?”。隔年,17歳的Eunice順利地被美國加州Foothill College錄取,喜憂參半地開啓尋夢之旅。值得一提的是,這正是Eunice在12歲時為自己定下赴美留學的歲數。

性情活潑開朗的Eunice在接觸到了自己響往的專業,如魚得水,日子過得十分充實。無論是學院内外的歌唱比賽、舞蹈編排、快閃(Flashmob)演出等場合,皆少不了她的身影。這段時間也是她創作的多產期,除了陸續發表多首創作、自製上傳視頻,也不間斷的在自己的部落格記録本身的心情故事,甚至還擠出時間充當選讀電影專業的同學所拍攝的微電影女主角。在一次偶然的機會,流行天后茜拉(Shila Amzah)的經紀人王炳智和專輯製作人陳溫法聼到了Eunice的創作,留給他們最直接和深刻的印象是:“個性大於一切。”於是,他們建議Eunice的父母讓她的創作從小圈子走向流行樂壇的大花園,否則實在是一大浪費。Eunice的父親何文慶博士當年在大學時是“激盪工作坊”創作小組“風信子”的成員之一,因此深知流行歌曲可以給人帶來正能量,於是便同意讓女儿當上“發片歌手”EndFragment

Company | Beyond Artistes
Country | Malaysia


- First Chapter (2015)
- The Right Moment  对的时刻 Mini Concert LIVE CD (2014)
- The Right moment 对的时刻 (2014)

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Eunice Hoo 何沛璇 | First Chapter Eunice Hoo 何沛璇 | First Chapter
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Eunice Hoo 何沛璇 | The Right Moment Mini Concert Live CD
Eunice Hoo 何沛璇- Product: Audio CD  - Language: Eng..
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Eunice Hoo 何沛璇 |The Right Moment 對的時刻 Eunice Hoo 何沛璇 |The Right Moment 對的時刻
Eunice Hoo 何沛璇- Product: Audio CD  - Language: Eng..
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