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Eunice Hoo 何沛璇

- Product: Audio CD  
- Language: English /Mandarin
- Genre: Pop 
- Country: Malaysia 
- Manufacturer: Beyond Artistes 
- Year: June 2015

Album Tracks Disc 1 (English)

01. Would you listen
02. Modern Fairy Tale
03. It's not too late
04. Not A Fantasy
05. Tonight
06. Don't Sleep on it

Album Tracks Disc 2 (Chinese)

01. Andersen 也不明白
02. 第二次初戀
03. 戀曲2020
04. 最近的遠方
05. 沒事沒事


I’m sure I’m not the only one who noticed this, but it seems we are all put on this world to collect firsts’:first steps, first words, first job, first kiss, first love, first spouse (and hopefully, the only one), first kid and first death (and hopefully, the only one too).  And this album, despite not being my first album, is a collection of firsts.

一張EP、一場拉闊音樂會、兩項品牌代言、座音樂獎項,這個用音樂勇敢說故事的小女孩,不單止讓自己的青春不會留白,也在這個浮躁的現實世界裡,釋出了那麼一點點的新鮮氣息。除了持續首張創作專輯的鮮明音樂個性,《First Chapter 》更加入較為冷調式的實驗式風格,中英文版的歌詞也突顯“一首歌曲兩個故事”的延伸創作方式,跳出“改編”的框框。而Eunice毫無保留的心情故事,誠意邀聆聽者分享她的內心想法。

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