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Mad August 

- Product : Audio CD
- Language : Mandarin
- Genre : Rock
- Country : Malaysia
- Manufacturer : Beyond Artistes
- Year : 2013

Album Tracks
01. 喂-我不知道!
02. 我不懂
03. 天譴
04. 抱歉
05. 帶刺玫瑰


The reflection of modern people encounter problems when in reality produced and escape mentality. This may be because the reality of life caused by the repression , but also may be due to personal character dictates , leading people in the face of problems or chose to escape into self blind spot , dedicated to a dead end try to find the exit. However, because of this , they put themselves into a corner , still can not find the root cause or the ultimate answer to your question . No solution for the problem, inert people start to become indifferent to things around even be indifferent. The results of which also caused people in life always face the problem or contradiction , " I do not know" or " I do not know " as a response. Ultimately, the fact that the root of all are derived from the individual's attitude and perseverance to make it escape the cocoon. 

專輯內的歌曲主要在反思現代人們在現實生活中遇到問題時所產生的自相矛盾以及逃避心態。這或許是因為壓抑的現實生活所造成,但也有可能是因為個人性格所使然,導致人們在面對問題時選擇了逃避或是陷入自我盲點,執著地鑽牛角尖嘗試找到出口。然而正因為這樣,把自己逼到了死角,最終仍找不到問題的根源或答案。對於問題的無解,惰性使人開始對周遭的事物變得漠不關心甚至是不聞不問。結果這也造成人們在生活上面對問題或矛盾時總是以“我不知道”或 “我不懂”作為回應。追根究底,其實這一切的根源都源自於個人的逃避心態與執著使其作繭自縛。

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