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NAO 孬 | I Had Enough Time To Be Disappointed Again

Brand: Nao
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NAO 孬 

- Product: Audio CD
- Language: Instrumental 

Genre: Mix rock/Math rock/Experimental/Psychedelic punk 

- Country: Malaysia 

- Manufacturer: Soundscape Records & Dong Tai Du

- Manufactured: 2014 

Album Tracks 
01. 膠裝國會
02. 粉紅政客
03. 歡樂示威
04. 牛郎
05. 昏暗午間
06. 告別納吉
07. 我有足夠時間再次失望
08. 待見蔚藍波濤的盡頭

NAO‘s musical form developed from the design theory, with math-like equation rhythm, encompasses a mixture of joyous melodies yet mix with psychedelic atmosphere. Founded on October 13, 2009, major in instrumental music from mix & math rock, experimental to psychedelic punk genre. They are as complicated as a “human being” . . . Influenced by Japan’s rich musical expression, it’s said to be the most beautiful manifestation of a diverse mix. "I Had Enough Time To Be Disappointed Again. 我有足夠的時間再次失望" Album available now
NAO 孬 被彻底设计一番的音乐形式,不安分的数学程式节奏,欢乐的旋律却同时混杂了迷幻气息的氛围,孬激励且温柔的复杂情绪,犹如存在的你和我。深受日本丰富主义的音乐表达,认为这是多元混合的最美呈现。"我有足夠的時間再次失望" 專輯。

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